Yoga my Way organizes Yoga retreats in India and Europe in authentic natural settings. Practice Yoga, Meditation and meet like-minded people; engage in joint reflection explore body, mind and soul.

Tired of your life? Feeling lost? Confused? Stressed?  Exhausted? Disillusioned? Want a change? Need to resource yourself? Looking for purpose in your life?

Love Yoga? Want to deepen, improve your practice, explore your limits? Learn new Asanas perfect others ? Experience Union? Detox your body? Make new connections with your Self and Others?

Increase your positive energy of body and mind. Resource your Self.  Be your Self. Build flexibility and strength. Detox. Find your inner harmony. Let the energy rise. Build your path to realisation. Realise.

Learn to apply your Yoga experience to every day life – professional, personal, family and your personality. All of our Yoga journeys give an opportunity of self-development through deepened Yoga practice through Yogic tools according to its true Sources. Regardless of where we go, we conduct 2 times 1:30 hours of Yoga sessions per day including postures – Asanas – and breathing – Pranayama, as well as deep Relaxation – Yoga Nidra. In our journeys to India, Yoga my Way will expose you to a true Indian experience with our Indian teachers (singing, mudras, sanskrit).

Our Journeys

  1. Yoga, Meditation and sailing in Greek Islands


    Sail to your soul. This is our favourite, quite intimate retreat, in which we are a maximum of 8 people. We enjoy Yoga practice with: breathing the sea air, asana practice on the silent beaches and shores, meditation in nature, , great vegetarian meals, chanting under the stars, dancing with the wind and just simply enjoying the sea, the sun and the mystic vibration of Greece together. If you want to experience a real Holy – Day and want to let totally go in a yogic environment –  this is it. The team? Sash yogi master and psychologist, Santi -Yoga Siromani and Coach. 1600 Euros per person, all inclusive except flight.

    If you interested in this retreat please fill up the form by clicking Here.



    • Date: 1/08/2018
    • Costs: 1600€
  2. Yoga & Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala – India

    soma yoga


    We will be hold­ing our annu­al heal­ing retreat this fall in two loca­tions in Ker­ala, in the Sivanan­da Ashram and a beau­ti­ful Ayurvedic Retreat Cen­tre on the shores of Ker­ala. You will spend 12 days ful­ly immersed in Yoga prac­tice, in all dimen­sions: Two Asana ses­sions per day, chant­i­ng, med­i­ta­tion, receiv­ing treat­ments to resolve phys­i­cal and psy­cho­log­i­cal bar­ri­ers to your whole being. Sash and San­ti will accom­pa­ny you dur­ing this jour­ney as teach­ers, ther­a­pists, and coach­es. As we always favour qual­i­ty over quan­ti­ty, we lim­it par­tic­i­pa­tion to 12 par­tic­i­pants on a first come first served basis.For more infor­ma­tion, please down­load the infor­ma­tion here: Infor­ma­tion Retreat Ker­ala
    • Date: 28th Oct. 2017
    • Costs: 1600€